Who are we?

A team of corporate financial experts with distinctive skills in planning and formulating investor-ready financial model templates that allow you to set up or expand your business in any field or industry of your choice. We ensure you are aware of all the risks and potential rewards of your chosen business so that you are not blind sided by any hidden financial or operational costs.

Our highly experienced and expert team has worked in many industries and they translate that wealth of experience and skill into building the best & most comprehensive financial models you can find anywhere. Our expert team not only designs and builds custom financial models suitable for your business needs but also helps you with the process of obtaining investments by addressing all finance-related queries posed by your investors and bankers.

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What do we do?

Provide you with the ideal revenue model template that will help your business overcome the most complex financial modeling challenges and create fund-winning growth strategies.

We at www.strategyfiancialmodel.com provide financial modeling services across multiple industries with a specific focus on providing an idea on the risks and rewards for those seeking to start a business while also focusing on providing the metrics and data that an investor or banker would look for before offering a fund/loan to your business. Our flexible plug and play financial models are created in Microsoft Excel and cover multiple variables such as costs, expenditures, recurring expenses, taxes, risks and allow you to trace and plan for all possible scenarios.

Our Footprints

We have devised financial business plan templates for various businesses in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Africa. The sectors we provide finance models for include the Hospital Industry, Manufacturing Industry, and SaaS. Apart from these, we also provide custom built financial models that cater to any and all client specifications across all industries and sectors.

  • Built a detailed financial model for a Forging plant in KSA. (Hot Press forging and Hammer die forging).
  • Financial consulting for a Metal treatment facility in KSA. (Anodizing, Phosphating, Passivation, Painting and Powder coating).
  • Multi scenario financial model for a Lead recycling plant in KSA. (Drained batteries to Lead ingots).
  • Detailed financial model for a Cathode block manufacturing plant in UAE (Forming, Baking, Graphitizing, Impregnation, Rebaking, Machining).
  • Financial consulting for a Titanium slag production facility in Sohar.(Titanium slag and Pig iron).
  • Detailed financial model for a steel billet manufacturing facility in KSA.
  • Multi scenario and integrated financial model for a Copper cathode and Metal dismantling facility in UAE.
  • Financial model for a Master and Foundry alloys plant in UAE.
  • Detailed financial model for a Ship recycling facility in South Africa.
  • Financial consulting for an Algae Bio-Refinery plant in South Africa (Nannochloropsis, Haematococcus and Dunaliella).