Our financial models allow budding business owners or established businesses seeking to reinvent themselves or enter a new market to make informed decisions and carefully evaluate all potential risks and the scope/timeline of returns.

  • It provides and performs a valuation, along with financial ratios.
  • The forecasts in the model help you see your growth strategy in a well-laid road map in terms of financial performance.
  • They allow you to identify the versatility and performance scope of your chosen product in the current environment.
  • On the investor-ready Key Metrics tab, you can find key investor criteria like Project Cost, Project Equity, Project IRR, Equity IRR, Project NPV and Payback Period along with a 13-year forecast of Financial Ratio, Liquidity Ratios and Solvency Ratios.

The Model Assumptions Tab

This is the place for all the inputs for the model.

It has room for setting the timeline of the model, construction period assumptions, project cost details, mode of finance, working capital, taxation, working capital loan, terminal value, and Inflations.

Below the general information inputs, industry-specific assumptions are listed for user inputs. The variables are specific to each industry.

The Workings Tab

This tab takes all the input given in the Model Assumptions tab, does all complex calculations, and presents you with a 13-year forecast of project line items.

These line items are industry-specific and help you plan for the vagaries specific to your chosen field especially in terms of the pricing and expenditure plans you make.

Since all our financial model templates are investor-ready, we have ensured to include in the template every line item that investors and bankers familiar with your industry look for including project outflows, working capital, depreciation, and loan repayment workings.

Financial Statements

This is the final tab and contains a 13-year forecast of profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statements.

This tab makes your work much easier by taking all the input from the assumptions and workings and making all the extremely complex calculations for you and provides investor- ready outputs that you can use to secure financing or decide on other plans.