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We offer custom financial models that are tailor made for your requirements by taking all into account all the variables and needs that you require us to cover. Our services include an in depth analysis and industry specific details, we design your model with taking into account as many factors, variables, recurring expenses, market vagaries etc for an in-depth analysis and predictive model of your business.

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What Our Models Cover

In our custom financial models, we cover the following analyses with detailed workings, along with profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, and depreciation:

Sensitivity Analysis

A financial analysis tool used for tracing the interaction between uncertainties of input and output variables. For instance, sensitivity analysis analyses what if the interest rate of your debt changes during the repayment period and what impact it would make on your growth strategy.


Raw Materials

This analysis recommends the required raw material quantity for your production requirements and optimum price points to procure those raw materials and total cost  estimates of the raw material over a stated period along with transport causes while also factoring in market fluctuations and rise/fall in demand.


Building and Civil Works

This analysis supplies you the calculations of capital expenditure estimates over land acquisition, building infrastructures, offices and auxiliary units, structural steel works, electro-mechanical works, with phase-wise break-ups.


Plant and Machinery

 This analysis gives you precise estimates on the number of plants and machinery to be installed and their cost breakups for your business expansion strategy. Other


Factory Overheads

This analysis evaluates the expenses related to repairs & maintenance, civil repairs, spare parts & store expenses, insurance on plant and machinery and building and civil works along with general and administrative expenses.


Pre-Operative Expenses

This important analysis gives you a clear image of the expenses like Application Fees, Up Front fees, Legal Documentation Fees, etc that are required before the commencement of business operations.



This analysis provides a complete road map to production quantity, product mix, finished goods inventory and sales quantity requirements over the forecast period to make your growth strategy a reality.



This analysis estimates the sales quantity and selling price points required to meet your business growth, with a clear breakup by region, time, units sold, sustainability.



This assessment provides cost of utilities like power, water, gas, diesel, etc., for office and plant operations with detailed per-done cost workouts.


Financial Metrics

This analysis presents the crucial Project IRR workings that estimates the profitability of potential investments.


Interest Calculation

This key analysis in our model will help you decide on repayment of loans


Wages and Salaries

This analysis estimates personnel wages and salaries of various departments with a category wise breakdown.