Saas Business Plan Template

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All-in-one financial planning tool in Excel. Feasibility study & budget for SaaS startups. Ready to present financial projections. No installation needed.

Software as a service has been the fastest growing sector with the most diversification and some of the best innovations in the field of software development.

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SaaS applications are one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. The field has many applications and new customized software is constantly being developed for a wide variety of industries and needs such as hospitality, agriculture, mining, human resources, customer management and so much more. Creating a new SaaS venture can be a challenging task, especially because of the financial calculations involved. Our SaaS template helps users quickly calculate a variety of key metrics by simply inputting data in the appropriate columns.

Our financial templates are investor-ready models that will also provide you with charts and graphs on the key indicators of performance for a SaaS business. Our models are 100% customizable and can be changed according to the specific requirements of our users.

Key inputs:

Our customizable and easy-to-use financial models are based on Microsoft Excel and you can simply plug in your numbers and get your desired outcomes. With our model you can:

  • Expected registrations/users, Unsubscribers for your SaaS
  • Active users
  • Server and infrastructure costs

After the revenue forecast, our template ventures to estimate and forecast variable costs as a percent of revenue.The aim is to combine different SaaS financial model components like Recurring Revenue Model, Operating Expense Model, and SaaS P&L Template.

Our model has plenty of room to cover an array of variable cost components:

  • Track fixed and recurring costs involved
  • Factor in marketing costs
  • Hiring and salaries for employees
  • Percentage of investment that becomes profit
  • Forecast how your revenue model works.

Our template is flexible and can be used to calculate staff additions, increased salary outflow and your company’s fixed costs including Marketing, Selling Expenses, Product Development, Indirect Salaries etc.

Saas Business Plan Template Information

Saas Business Plan Template

16 reviews for Saas Business Plan Template

  1. Arpan Purohit

    This was a really helpful template that cleared up many doubts I had with regard to taking my product to the market. Detailed and simple to use template and a helpful support team.

  2. Vinay Tarpan

    A simple and great way to see the viability and potential of your business. Helped me to see the risks and prepare myself better before investing in my business. Wish they had more detailed options in the free template but a worthwhile purchase for me.

  3. Goutham Sivaraju

    A very useful template that helped me with figuring out my costs to investment value, had to reevaluate some finances based on this template. Support team was helpful with solving my confusion on how to use it properly.

  4. Sarah Mitchell

    The Saas financial model template has been instrumental in our growth. It simplifies complex financial data, though we’d love to see more industry-specific features. With a 4.4/5 rating, it’s been a game-changer.

  5. David Patel

    This template has empowered our startup. It’s user-friendly, but more detailed documentation would be helpful.

  6. Emily Carter

    We’ve been using this Saas financial model for a year, and it has streamlined our forecasting and budgeting processes.

  7. Michael Anderson

    The support team is responsive, and the template is a great starting point for Saas financial planning. We’d like to see more automated data imports, but it deserves a 4.1/5 rating.

  8. Jessica Turner

    The Saas financial model template is a valuable asset for our business. It’s user-friendly and has saved us time. It’s worth every penny.

  9. Kevin Lewis

    This template provides clarity in complex financial scenarios. We’ve seen improvements in our decision-making. However, more integrations would be beneficial.

  10. Linda Brown

    The Saas financial model has improved our financial transparency significantly. It’s adaptable, though more customization options would make it perfect. We rate it at 4.3/5 for its overall usefulness.

  11. Maria Garcia

    Exceptional customer support! The team behind this template is knowledgeable and helpful. While it’s a fantastic tool, a few more industry-specific templates would be appreciated.

  12. Rachel White

    Our Saas startup has benefited greatly from this financial model template. It streamlined our financial planning. We’re excited about its potential and eagerly anticipate future updates.

  13. Daniel Martinez

    The Saas financial model template is user-friendly and adaptable. It’s been a crucial tool in our journey. Still, we’d appreciate more detailed tutorials to unlock its full potential.

  14. Lisa Adams

    Our Saas business has seen concrete improvements in financial control since implementing this template. It’s a fantastic starting point, though we’re eager to see more advanced analytics features.

  15. Catherine Hall

    Our Saas startup has never been in better financial shape. This template simplifies complex financial data into actionable insights.

  16. Mark Taylor

    I can’t imagine managing Saas finances without this template. It’s been a game-changer, resulting in improved financial control and efficiency.

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